Collections and technical services

We work with libraries to analyze and evaluate workflows, organizational structure, and staffing capacities in areas including collections, acquisitions, cataloging, electronic resource management, digital library services, and preservation.   Our particular focus is on recommending best practices informed by our experience in a variety of libraries.

Library program review

We conduct library-wide reviews of services, collections, and operations as part of a formal program review or to provide a comprehensive assessment for a new library director/dean.

Digital preservation

We work with libraries to assess their digital preservation environment and advise them on the standards they should follow, the technical infrastructure they might employ, and the types of staffing resources they need to allocate to adequately support their digital preservation needs.

Strategic planning

We help libraries develop and facilitate various approaches to strategic planning.

Continuing education and professional development

We can provide a range of timely continuing education and professional development offerings, including reviews of the literature, “state-of-the-art” white papers, best practice workshops, and current trends reviews.